External partnership are crucial to our work, not least our wonderful train companies. Here are some of the things our partners have said about us.


Glen Neathicon-doc75 Glen Neath, Writer, Artist and Theatre Maker

I am currently working with 11:18 on a project we hope to realise in 2016. My experiences of the company so far have been very positive: I’ve found them as a group very receptive of  my input and open to what we can achieve with the piece. I initially approached the company because I was excited by their innovative method of making work and subsequent discussions about how the work can  not  only  consolidate  all  that  they  do  brilliantly,  but  also  manifest  their  growing  ambitions have been very exciting.

Our joint ambition is to make a piece of work that is accessible to more people than their previous bespoke pieces have been. The next stage of the company’s development is touring their work beyond the venue/festival that commissioned it. I think the platform by which the work is presented is very attractive for audiences and I am very much looking forward to working with them.


jonny_114icon-doc75 Jonny Pilcher, Composer and Sound Designer

I  worked  with  11:18  on  two  projects  Mean  Between  Times  and  Portal.  They  presented  different challenges but what was consistent was the imagination, passion and intelligence of  the creative team. They pushed me into new territories but were always keen to hear my ideas and thoughts throughout  the  whole  process.  I  think  the  initial  idea  of   train  journeys  is  a  fantastic  one. The  movement  of  the  train  and  constantly  changing  scenery  somehow  provokes  a  feeling  of discovery, intensifying the search for meaning in music and stories, the train window acting like a film screen or stage. The team pushes this idea to the limit and the results are unique, moving, funny  and  always  incredibly  imaginative.  I  look  forward  to  seeing  where  they  travel  to  next.


Nathanicon-doc75 Nathan Curry, Associate Director, Greenwich + Docklands International Festival

I wanted to find the time to write and thank you and the company from the bottom of GDIF hearts for your performances. Our audiences loved the work and we have had so many positive comments from the feedback cards and seen some great photos and footage. It was such a pleasure to have you at the festival and I hope you enjoyed it.

“Inspiring, valuable” – Audience member 2012

You are indeed both of these things, thank you. Best wishes from all the team.


Bryonyicon-doc75 Bryony Lavery, Writer and Dramaturg

I worked as dramaturg to this new and exciting group on their hugely successful and interesting second piece Mean Between Times. I was largely superfluous to requirements, as 11:18 are a group of four multi-talented theatre-makers who have a strong work ethic, a large bag of ideas, an ability to stage thought-provoking installations in the most difficult of  urban environments and a talent for  recording  amazing  aural  experiences  which  they  use  to  tell  their  intricate  train  stories. They have four unique brains, which they pool to produce a coherent artistic vision.

I am very excited to see how they develop their unique company.



icon-doc75 John-Paul Conaghan, Stage Director and Designer, Fahy Productions

I worked with 11:18 on their City of Culture project ‘The Farmer & the Fisherman’ this audio promenade piece took audiences on the stunning coastal route from Coleraine to Derry. I was commissioned as a ‘Set Maker’ to build abstract installations in various locations beside the train route.

Working closely with Charlotte and Simone on the first phases of the designs and concepts was a complete joy, nothing was demanding or stressful, the way in which this company works is testament to everyone involved. Even after working outside all day in the blistering heat (which N.I rarely gets), we faced some changeling hindrances, and this didn’t deter all involved. We rose up and together we created beautiful installations which would only be seen for a split few seconds. Perfect!

Currently living back in Derry, I am in the early stages of my latest light design for ‘Walking to the Ark’ for the Derry, Playhouse Theatre at the start of May 2015. I’m also in the process of developing a devised piece for the stage, due to start after May 2015. Updates to follow!

Thank you Simone, Charlotte, Bii and Vala!

I hope you come back to N.I and we can create more beautiful perfections!


icon-doc75 Lucy Glover, Development Assistant, Ideastap

11:18 was awarded £500 by IdeasTap through the Top Up fund. They were one of 20 winners from a total of 134 submissions. Eight IdeasTap members led the Top Up fund, who decided the premise of the brief and selected the final 20. IdeasTap funded 11:18’s Greenwich and Docklands International Festival (G+DIF) commissioned project to create an original piece of performance on the train journey from London Charing Cross to Greenwich. The Top Up fund is an award of £500 for any creative discipline  to  provide  a  cash  lifeline  to  make  an  existing  project  become  bigger  and  better. The  judging  panel  was  impressed  by  how  their  project  met  the  criteria,  incorporated  multiple disciplines and artist collaboration. 11:18’s application was clear and concise, they specified what they  would  spend  our  fund  on  which  was  essential  in  making  the  decision  to  award  the  fund. IdeasTap and the panel are excited to see the outcome of this project and whole-heartedly support their mission. IdeasTap Funds aim to provide a platform for emerging creatives to realise their vision and develop professionally. We believe this project and 11:18 are exemplary of a company IdeasTap aim to support.


icon-doc75 Catherine Howett, Head of School, Kingston College of Further & Higher Education

It was our pleasure to work with 11:18 on the 2011 This Now or Never Land  project. At Kingston College we ensure our students work with as many professional companies and gain as much work experience as possible, it was therefore a great project for our students and one that we would be very pleased to repeat again. Great company, inspiring work.


icon-doc75 Graeme Miller, Artist and Academic Tutor

11.18‘s  debut  work,  tailor-made  for  the  Victorian  railway  that  inscribes  a  slow  semi-circle through  the  inner  suburbs  of  South  London  demonstrated  the  group’s  ability  to  engage  an audience with the lightest of  touch. A skin of  unobtrusive audio delivered secretly on headphones and  strategic  sites  of  installation  and  action  created  a  particular  mix  of  hypnotic  detachment and  surprise.  They  managed  to  take  the  details  of  the  ordinary  and  make  it  mythical  –  often with  the  simplest  of  means  and  it  was  this  quality  of  transparency  and  subtlety  that  made the  landscape  the  main  player  of  the  work,  relishing  the  uncertainly  of  what  was  part  of the  work  and  what  was  accidental.  It  showed  a  winning  approach  to  work  in  real  landscapes and  real  situations  that  can  only  develop  with  the  group’s  desire  to  extend  this  vision.


icon-doc75 Sarah Evans, CSR and Partnership Manager, Southern Railways

Southern Railway worked with 11:18 to assist in staging its performance of This Now or Never Land in June and July 2011. The group were a pleasure to work with. Their approach was professional and practical; they were respectful of  the constraints of  working safely on railway property at all stages of the production and had the full confidence of myself and the station manager. Southern was  delighted  to  be  able  to  support  a  local  arts  performance  group,  particularly  in  the  South London region of  our network, where we are keen to continue building community partnerships.


Chicken Friendicon-doc75 James Ani, Duty Station Manager, Southeastern Railways

It was our pleasure at Charing Cross Station to welcome and accommodate a request by Charlotte Hodkinson and Camila Gonzalez to use our station as a base for their project. The project they proposed was very fascinating and we were delighted to offer the services of  our own staff  to contribute  towards  the  successful  experience  of  their  intended  audience.  Charlotte,  Camila  and their “chicken” friend were a delight to host and they planned their train trips in such a manner that it caused minimal intrusion to our normal train service. The project which ran from the 22nd – 30th of  June was a success by all accounts and I will be happy to welcome them back any time they wish.

I hope they go on to put on many more shows and wish them all the best in all their future.


icon-doc75 Chris Robertson, Station Manager, Southern Railways

As a Station Manager for Southern Railway it always gives me great pleasure when I can help or assist with creative vibrant people who can see beyond the everyday life of a rail station. Charlotte and her colleagues did just that. They were a pleasure and delight to work with and the team at Peckham Rye  also  commended  them  on  their  professionalism  and  enjoyed  the  end  result  immensely.