What we do

1118-white are four artists, based in the UK, from London, Northern Ireland, Thailand and Iceland. We specialise in making audio visual based performances for real train journeys.

We explore ways in which landscapes acquire performative qualities and how journeys can affect how we, as citizens, relate to our environment. Audience members are given a set of wireless headphones; board a regular, scheduled train and then watch and listen. The train windows acts as a natural frame for the action. By designing audio stimuli, installations/performances on platforms and elsewhere, we aim to trigger a collective and personal response and heighten an audience’s awareness of the particular questions that the journey raises.


Artistic Vision

1118-white is passionate about connections. We see our train journeys as arteries all over the country linking people and places, their stories and their lives. Our long-term vision is to create performative audio material for myriad train journeys across UK and internationally, forming a network of routes and landscapes that can be accessed in a new way via the imagination. We would like to link the whole country, from the South coast of England to the North coast of Scotland with 11:18 performances. This may be through a mixture of downloadable audio applications, live performance tied in with specific journeys and participatory activity with schools and communities. This could be seen as one community passing the performance onto the next, down the train line.

Our audiences are encouraged to be active observers of the journey, wondering about life in contemporary societies. Every project is different: different passengers, different journey, different day and different show. Pushing boundaries, challenging the scope of site-specific performance and exploring what happens when a diverse group of multi-disciplinary artists come together to work in true collaboration is at the heart of our practice.